Dream Toys

Dream Toys introduces a captivating array of pleasure-centric products designed to enhance intimacy and satisfaction. Their collection embodies innovation and quality, offering a diverse range of toys catering to varied desires and preferences. With a commitment to redefining pleasure, Dream Toys brings excitement and fulfillment to intimate encounters. Explore their curated selection at Secret Sinners and embark on a journey to heightened sensations and joyful experiences.

  • Spiral Anal Vibrator £15.99

    Experience the spiraling pleasure of the Spiral Anal Vibrator, and elevate your anal play to new heights. Get yours today from Secret Sinners and discover the joys of Anal exploration with Dream Toys.

    29 in stock

  • Diamond Textured Anal Vibrator £15.99

    Experience the luxurious design and powerful stimulation that only Dream Toys and Secret Sinners can provide. Add a touch of sparkle to your intimate moments today!

    30 in stock

  • Silicone Anal Vibrator £15.99

    Elevate your intimate moments and discover the joys of backdoor exploration with Dream Toys and Secret Sinners. Start your journey to new pleasures today!

    9 in stock

  • Strapless Double Penetration Vibrating Dildo £61.99

    Experience the ultimate in pleasure with Dream Toys’ Strapless Double Penetration Vibrating Dildo, exclusively at Secret Sinners. Featuring two powerful motors, nine vibration patterns, and crafted from phthalate-free silicone, it offers versatile and safe enjoyment. Waterproof and rechargeable in just three hours, it’s ready to take your sensual adventures to new heights. Dive into ecstasy with this innovative toy today.

    7 in stock

  • Dual Penetration Dildo Strapless Strap On £35.99

    Crafted by Dream Toys and available at Secret Sinners, this innovative Dual Penetration Dildo Strapless Strap On offers hands-free stimulation and intimate connection. With a cleverly curved design and dual stimulation capabilities, it promises unforgettable experiences for both partners. Order now for discreet packaging and an intimate adventure like never before.

    7 in stock

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