Double Sided Fashion Tape Dress Body Clear Boob Hide Sticky

♦ For instant fixing clothes and straps in everyday use.

♦ 12 Strips in each pack.

♦  Very Discreet

♦ Body tapes are fabric-friendly.

♦ Multi functional use.

♦  Can be used as double-sided tape for office/Stationary use

♦ This Body Tape is an Invisible Strip that can help you feel more confident. Great for fixing deep plunge necklines. open-sided dresses, wrap-style tops, gaps between button, halters cuffs, silk scarfs, jewelry, open hems on your pants or skirts, bra straps, shoulder pads, off-should dress and more.

♦ Each Pack Includes 12 strips, 1.3 x 8.5 cm each one.

♦ Can be used for Multiple Occasions, such as for business meetings, Weddings, Birthday parties.

Allows the user to feel more confident in their natural posture, giving the feeling of comfort and confidence knowing you are secure.

♦ Multi functional use. Say bye bye to safety pins, these body tapes can also be used as a quick fix for fixing clothes, for example children's clothes or if a button has popped off. 

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