Tight Cherry Tightening Gel For Her

♦ This lip smackingly delicious tightening gel makes every time like the first time!

♦ Apply gel to the area 5 minutes prior to intercourse for full effects.

♦ Exclusively formulated tighten and lubricate to enhance pleasure.

♦Condom friendly too.

Reverse the effects of time - go back to how you used to be! Cherry Tight Tightening Gel For Women is a simple to use but effective gel that helps hydrate the inner walls of the vagina as well as tightening you and increasing intimacy and pleasure for both you and your partner.

♦ Simply use a pea sized drop to start with - then add more little by little according to how you feel.

♦ Easily washed off with water.

♦ Restores, Rejuvenates And Reverses

♦ Hydrates the Vaginal Walls

♦ Tones And Temporarily Tightens 

♦ Formulated With Ginger, Cocoa, Cinnamon And Pepper

♦ Free From Sugar, Parabens And Glycerin

♦ PETA Certified 

♦ Proudly Made In America 10ml Pillow

We’ve got everything you need and they're all designed to give you more satisfying sex life and bigger orgasms! Our range of aphrodisiacs is all tried and tested ready to improve your sex life and ensure that you have an amazing time between the sheets.

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♥ Brand: California Fantasies ♥ Size: 10g ♥ Discreet & Fast Shipping
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